VON LINNÉ is a new design company (established 2020) that creates slow luxury decor with handmade one of a kind Flora Danica 2.0 motifs on discarded textiles.

In the studio situated in Odense // Denmark circular design principles rule and artistic interior items like wall decor, table decor, cushions etc. are made with a zerowaste mindset.

VON LINNÉ celebrates waste & weed - which are normally look down upon, but simply have so much potential…

The studio has its own herbarium - a systematically arranged collection of dried plants, that have been carefully collected locally and archived to use in the design process.

We wish to visualize Nature´s biodiversity and show that all kinds of plants are valuable.

At VON LINNÉ one of the main sources of inspiration is a circular design principle saying that we should learn from history & nature. Therefore we do not only seek nature, but look up vintage botanical books and find old herbarium sheets - some of them being from the mid 1800s.