VON LINNÉ works entirely with discarded textiles from the Danish industry; which means that all materials have been in use, but whose fate were to end up as waste. The fabric used is discarded textile in collaboration with Vraa Dampvaskeri, that has a huge passion for re-using quality textiles at the end of their life, instead of letting them go to waste and be burned.
In the circular studio these textiles are upcycled into sustainable interior items by decorating them with unique plant prints; that can cover for example stains that could not come off by washing - which is the reason why the textiles originally have been discarded. 

By decorating the fabric and its traces of use, the material gets a chance for a new life cycle and this is a sustainable way of creating beautiful interior items.

Most damaged materials are cut to small zerowaste lifestyle products - like our multi bags - or used as small colour samples as a part of the design process.