Today, cookies are used by almost all websites and are in many cases necessary to enhance and simplify a website visit – and that is why we use them. On the VON LINNÉ website, we use cookies in accordance with the following cookie policy.


Cookies are small text files you receive from the websites you visit, stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone etc., allowing websites to recognise your IP address. Cookies may for instance be used to optimize website content based on statistics of the visitors’ use of the website. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information from the user’s computer or spread computer virus or other harmful programs. Some cookies are placed by websites (third parties) other than the one stated in the browser’s address line (the URL). The content of such cookies may be of a general nature, but they may also be, for example, analytical tools or embedded comment fields. This means that cookies are stored from parties other than the one owning the website.

Some cookies are created temporarily and expire at the end of the user session when the browser is closed (session cookies). Other cookies are stored on the user’s IT equipment for a longer period of time (persistent cookie). When the user revisits a website, new session cookies will be placed in the temporary memory, whereas a persistent cookie will be renewed.



We use cookies to optimize your visit with customized content & advertisement, to execute orders, to follow up on marketing campaigns and to analyze the overall traffic to our website. The information we use in our statistics is anonymous and cannot be used to identify named users. The information we get from cookies will not be sold or used for any purpose other than to make sure you get the best possible service during your visit on our website – this might include sharing it with third-party technologies such as Google and Facebook.

We use session cookies to register information necessary for our website to be as user-friendly as possible, for instance to register the items you placed in your cart at check-out and to remember your information, so you don’t have to submit it multiple times. These cookies are automatically deleted when you shut down your browser.



You can always choose to erase your cookies from your computer or other devices and refuse the use of them by changing your browser settings. Please note that if you choose to deactivate your cookies, it will have an impact on your shopping experience at our site.

If you use a PC, you may delete cookies by using the shortcut keys 


If this does not work, or if you use a MAC computer or another device, you can click on the following links, depending on the browser you use:

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All Danish websites are under the obligation to inform users about the cookies placed on the user’s devices. The information must be in accordance with the “Executive Order on Information and Consent required in case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-user Terminal Equipment” (bekendtgørelse om krav til information og samtykke ved lagring af og adgang til oplysninger I slutbrugernes terminaludstyr) (generally referred to as the “Executive Order on Cookies” (cookiebekendtgørelsen).



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